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Date of Commencement: Anytime

15 days

Yangon, Bagan Plains, Popa Mountain, Mandalay, Ayeyarwaddy River, Amarapura, Sagaing Hill, Ava, Pindaya Caves, Inle Lake, Ngapali.


Example itinerary


English version


Day 1: Take a flight from Norway

Day 2: Arrival and sightseeing in Yangon


After arriving in Yangon, you go through immigration and then pick up your luggage. In the Arrivals Hall, the guide is waiting for Mingalar Tour sign, and you will be taken to the hotel where you will be staying the next night.

One can rightly say about Myanmar that it is an East from the past. In view of this, Yangon is a modern metropolis. But compared to the rest of southeast Asia, Yangon is in many ways an unusual city: there are no skyscrapers and the city is very green with many shady trees, including some very old teak trees. The city is only 150 years old and has the special charm that occurs when colonial buildings and churches are mixed with Hindu temples, Buddhist stupa and muslim mosques, and finally add to a magnificent population of about 6 million people.

After a brief rest, the experiences in Myanmar begin with a sightseeing trip in Yangon. You visit the Botahtaung Pagoda, which is a combination of a stupa and a temple, the colonial district, Yangon's characteristic Sule Pagoda, The Landscape Buddha of Chaukhtatgyi and finally one of the trip's absolute highlights for the Shwedagon pagoda. The beautiful gold-plated spider shwedagon pagoda reaches far into the air and can be seen all over Yangon. The approx. The 2500-year-old pagoda is one of the holiest places for Buddhists because it holds eight sacred hairs from Buddha. There is a breathtaking atmosphere of calm and humility at the pagoda, and here you have the best opportunity to experience Buddhists who pray and offer everything from flowers and boiled rice to water.

The day is rounded off with a welcome dinner in a local restaurant.


Accommodation: Panorama Hotel




Day 3: Yangon - Bagan and sightseeing at Bagansletten

After breakfast, the trip goes to the airport and you fly to Bagan. You drive from the airport to the hotel and will be accommodated for the next 2 nights.

Bagan is one of Myanmar's most breathtaking experiences. Bagan is located on the Ayeyarwaddy River and was the capital of the first Myanmar Empire. In the shine period of approx. 1000 years ago, the city covered over 40 km², a fairly big city today, but at that time it was almost unparalleled. Today, the city of Bagan is just a small provincial city, but one can still feel a sense of the immense wealth of the past when standing in the soft light of the sunset on top of a pagoda or temple and looking out over Bagan plain and watching the sprouts from hundreds of religious buildings against the sky. On the dusty gravel roads, horse-drawn carriages run by tourists and beef farmers with the farmers' fine raw materials from the fields. The teeth of the time, and especially many earthquakes have destroyed many monuments, but the authorities try to keep the most important restored.

Today's experiences start at a local market and then goes, since it goes to a paint factory that produces the most beautiful, completely soft varnishes unique to Bagan. At Bagansletten you will visit Shwezigon Pagoda, Nathtaukkyaung Monastery (built of teak), Ananda Temple and Dhamayangyi Temple.

Accommodation :Shwe Yee Pwint Hotel


Day 4: Excursion to Mt. Popa

Today you drive to Popa Mountain, which is approximately 50 km from Bagan. Popa is an extinguished volcano, where the peak is approximately 1500 meters above sea level. Popa stands distinctly and majestic as a lone pillar in the landscape, and can range from a perimeter of several miles. When you reach the foot of the mountain, there are 777 steps to the temple complex at the top. From the top there is a fabulous view of the otherwise so flat landscape. In the temple complex there are many temples for certain "night" (spirits), which, according to the predatory Myanmar Buddhists, live here in Popafjellet (This is one of the points where Myanmar Buddhists differ from other Buddhists).

Along the way to the Popa Mountains, you drive through lush farming areas, and you stop somewhere to experience the small home industries such as produces "palmesukkertøy". You will surely see women carrying goods on a shoulder over the shoulder, fields grown with bullfighting, and farmers who weed the weeds by hand. You also visit a village where you experience life as it lives by many myanmares. The day is rounded by a boat trip on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River.

Accommodation Shwe Yee Pwint Hotel


Day 5: Bagan - Mandalay, excursion in Mandalay

You drive to the airport and fly to Mandalay.

Mandalay is Myanmar's second "capital" - the last capital of the kingdom of Myanmar, and today the center of culture and self-understanding. It is the city where you get closest to Myanmar's heartbreak both historically and mentally, and up to half of Myanmar's Buddhist monks live in or around Mandalay. The city's location on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River and centrally in the country has made the city a trading center for the whole country.

After arrival, drive to the Ayeyarwaddy River to take a boat to Mingun. The boat ride takes about an hour and you can enjoy the fascinating landscape along the river and partly the many boats with colorful sails on the river. When the boats add on interim bridges, smuggling women shuffle and offer their goods.

The Mingun Pagoda is the unfinished pagoda initiated by King Bodawpaya in 1790. Only the foundation of the pagoda was built, the rest was never completed because an astrologer predicted that the king would die when the pagoda was completed. The Mingun Pagoda would have been the world's largest pagoda, but instead, the foundation was destroyed by an earthquake in 1839. Next to Mingun is a cast iron bell weighing 90 tons and which should have been on the stupa. Today, the Mingun Clock is still the largest clock in the world.

You drive back to Mandalay, and here you visit some small traditional industries such as the goldsmith who knocks gold leafs to be sold as sacrifices by the temples. On the sightseeing tour of Mandalay, visit: The Kuthodaw Pagoda, the world's largest book of 1460 sides of stone, Shwenandaw (Golden Palace) Monastery, one of Myanmar's most beautiful carved wooden monasteries, which has been covered by leaf gold both exterior and interior , and finally the sunset from the top of the Mandalay Hill, where you can enjoy views of the city and the Shan plain.

Additional excursion: What about seeing the Bagan plain from above? Swing in the hot air balloon over the countless religious temples and pagodas in the shear of the sunrise. This is a totally unforgettable experience. Interested? Book well in advance, for the ballooning is a very popular outing.

• Air balloon over the Bagan plain

Accommodation: Gold Yadanar Hotel


Day 6: Excursion to Amarapura, Sagaing and Ava

Today's experiences start in Amarapura, one of Myanmar's ancient capitals just 10 km from Mandalay. Here you will visit a city famous for silk tissue and the Mahagandayon monastery, where you can experience the daily lives of over 1000 Buddhist monks with both studies of Buddhism and ordinary daily activities. From here you travel to Sagaing, which for a short period of time was the capital after Bagan's collapse. From the Sagaing hill you can see the fascinating landscape of the Ayeyarwaddy River, and over 700 monks and nuns, close to the high and plain. From Sagaing, you go to Ava, where you board a horse-drawn carriage and drive to the Maenu Okkyaung Monastery, the Nan Myint Tower and the Bargaya Monastery, which rests on 267 teak posts. Today's last experience is back in Amarapura, where you experience the sunset from the teak bridge U Bein.

Accommodation Gold Yadanar Hotel


Day 7: Mandalay - Heho - Pindaya - Inle

You fly to Heho, and from here you drive to Pindaya, which is approx. 45 km from the airport. Here you come to one of Myanmar's rugged areas. Here you will experience a landscape of vegetable cakes, some grown in terraces. In Pindaya you visit the caves where there are 8094 Buddha figures. You also visit a small industry that produces paper umbrellas. Afterwards you continue for almost 100 km to Inle. Along the way, visit the Shweyanpye Monastery, a typical shan monastery built in wood about 500 years ago.

Accommodation Paramount Inle Resort


Day 9: Inle - Ngapali Beach

You drive to Heho airport and fly to Thandwe. After arrival, drive to the hotel at Ngapali Beach and check in.

The crimson beach at Ngapalis is about 3 km long. On the one hand lies the crystalline and turquoise blue water of the Bengal bay, and on the other hand the shimmering shadow from the palm trees that weighs lightly in the breeze from the sea. Surprisingly, there are not many tourists here, despite the idyllic landscape. The atmosphere is quiet and the pace of calm: here you can really relax. The area's original fishermen still sail out of the village, and today's catch is served by the same evening! Occasionally you will see a beef cart on the beach. That's because it's noisy here than on the country roads.

Accommodation Amazing Ngapali Resort


Day 10-12: Beach holiday at Ngapali Beach

The days are at your disposal in Ngapali.

Accommodation Amazing Ngapali Resort


Day 13: Ngapali - Yangon

After breakfast you check out from the hotel and drive to the airport. From here you fly to Yangon. After arrival, drive to the hotel and check in, and then go to the Bogyoke Market and walk through Chinatown. The rest of the day is at your disposal.

Accommodation Panorama Hotel


Day 14: Travel from Yangon

The day is at your disposal until departure. You will be driven at the airport and fly from Yangon to Norway with stopover (s) along the way.


Day 15: Return to Norway

You land in Norway after an exciting and exciting holiday in Myanmar.


Highlights of this trip:

Yangon, Bagan Plains, Popa Mountain, Mandalay, Ayeyarwaddy River, Amarapura, Sagaing Hill, Ava, Pindaya Caves, Inle Lake, Ngapali.

The following are included in the trip:

• Flight from Norway to Yangon t / r

• 5 domestic flights in Myanmar: from Yangon to Bagan to Mandalay to Heho to Thandwe to Yangon

• Welcome gift with postcards, welcome book and traditional handbag

• 12 nights at 3- and 4-star hotels

• Local English speaking guide on the round trip

• 12 x breakfast (day 3 - 14)

• 7 x lunch (day 3 - 8)

• 1 x noon (day 2)

• Transport by car or minibus with air conditioning on excursions

• 24-hour emergency telephone for the entire journey


Extensive excursion package included:

• Sule Pagoda

• Shwedagon Pagoda

• Bagansletten

• Paint Product Factory

• Shwezigon Pagoda, Nathtaukkyaung Monastery, Ananda Temple

• Popafjellet

• Boat trip on the Ayeyarwaddy River to the Mingun Pagoda

and the Mingun clock

• Shwenandan Monastery

• Amarapura and Mahagandayon Monastery

• Tour of a horse-drawn carriage at Ava

• Your bone bridge

• Pindaya Cave

• Boat trip on the Inle lake with visits to floating villages

• Entrances and charges for the listed sights

• Entrance tickets and fees for the mentioned attractions.

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